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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rules of a Lady #20 Makeup

Alot of the makeup looks that I do are for artistic purposes but when it comes down to everyday wearable makeup, I make sure that the makeup looks are enhancing who you are. Many of the clients that come to me have never worn makeup so it's great to see how the makeup has made them look even more beautiful. Lord knows I have seen some clown lookin' people. I'm talking about EYEBROWS drawn crazy. Loud, just wrong EYESHADOW, BLUSH just all over the place, wrongly matched FOUNDATION, using black EYELINER as a LIPLINER I mean just crazy. This stuff is just not wearable. It looks crazy lol. Here are some photos coutesy of nowaygirl.com and youmoron.org.

This is what is called....clown makeup. Makeup that is OVERDONE.

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason in hell you should be wearing these out in public. There are natural looking false lashes that could be purchased to achieve full eyelashes

 EYEBROWS! This needs to stops...forreal...huge, unnatural looking eyebrows. And on top of it, filling them in with a BLACK eyeliner pencil NO!

 FOUNDATION! It is VERY important that you find a foundation shade that fits you because if you do not, then you will come off as ashy or just the wrong color all together and it's VERY obvious. RULE #1: DO NOT LET YOUR FRIEND USE YOUR FOUNDATION IF YOU KNOW DARN WELL IT DOESN'T MATCH HER. Her foundation shade is like 4 times lighter than her friend smh.

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