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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I DO NOT Support Individual Lashes + Removal Tips

I no longer support individual lashes. I have not had a good experience as far as not losing my real eyelashes. This morning I've removed my individual lashes with Ardell Lashfree Remover. (The remover DOES WORK effectively!) The glue that was used Ardelle Lashtite glue. Of course, I knew I was gonna lose some of my real lashes but this is just ridiculous. I LITERALLY do not have anymore real lashes left. I have at least like 7 left on each eye and they are in different places along my eyelids. I've had my individual lashes for atleast 3 weeks. This my second time getting them so I definately should have learned from the first time I got them. In addition of having the lashes glued underneath my eyelid, they were glued on top as well, which gave it a better chance of my real lashes being removed. Don't get me wrong, individual lashes are pretty and it saved me the trouble of getting up every morning and applying strips. I will not be getting individual lashes again but this is just my experience with them. The choice is yours though. Do you want pretty lashes or do you want to save your real lashes?

This is the remover that I used for my individual lashes. This is a very effective product and it does work. Be careful not to get this stuff in your eyes because it will burn and irritate it. 

1.)Hold a wet washcloth underneath your eyelid before applying
2.)Dip a q-tip into the bottle and remove it from the bottle after gathering solution

3.) Gently run the q-tip across the top of your individual lash closest to the top of your eyelid

4.) Keep this up until you notice the false lash starting to loosen (DO NOT PULL IT OFF, let it fall off by itself)

5.) Do the same for the other eyelash.

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