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Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm a CERTIFIED Pharmacy Technician Now

Yallllllllll! I can't explain the feeling that's been going through my body since yesterday! Last time I filled you guys in, I told you I was preparing for my Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination (PTCE). I can definately say that I procrastinated studying until the beginning of January although I registered for the test early December. I also started attending one of my teacher's tutoring classes for the past 3 weeks. He really had me motivated every time I went. When I went home, I would study even harder. I don't think I've ever studied for something so hard in my life lol. The closer the test date approached, the more nervous I would get. I really did not want to fail this test! I took my test at 8am yesterday. I was the only one that was taking the PTCE. The test was 90 questions and 120 minutes. My heart was pounding when I got to #90 because after you're finished with the test, it automatically tells you if you passed or failed. I was finished with 30 minutes left to check over my answers. I had to take this stupid survey before I found out my results. I speeded through the survey and my results finally became visable and it said I passed! I immediately began praising the Lord! After I left the testing center, I went to visit my old school to tell everyone the good news. My teachers were so proud of me. I had to thank them for getting me prepared for this test. It was nice to talk to the students about the test. Now, that I'm certified I know there are alot of good things to come.

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