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Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Been A Year???? WHAT!

I cannot believe it's been a year since I've graduated from college. December 11, 2010, I graduated from Alabama State University with my bachelor's in Science. My major was biology. Words couldn't explain the joy, the emotions I was feeling walking across that stage. I can seriously say that I CAME, I SAW, and I CONQUERED through Jesus Christ. It was not an easy journey at all. Majoring in biology was super hard and I had my share of trials trying to make it through. We seriously had some hard classes lol. I be wanting to slap everybody that says attending a HBCU is easy. YOU TRY MAJORING IN BIOLOGY AND I BET YOU'D CHANGE THAT STATEMENT REAL QUICK. On top of it, I had to deal with a great amount of drama. Once I figured out what I wanted out of life, I let them go real quick and worked hard on my journey to graduation. I was not letting anyone hold me back from getting my degree. For all my college students, put your focus on your studies because at the end of the day, everything else does not even matter. Stay focused on the main reason for why you decided to attend college and that is to get your education. We don't have time to be messing up your financial aid cuz trust me, after 6 months of leaving school, Sallie Mae will be calling. Remember that, lol. But I must say, overall I enjoyed my time at ASU. I enjoyed the events and the friends that I did leave with. I am forever a proud alumni of Alabama State University. #HORNETNATION !