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Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to the new blog!

So this is my brand new blog everyone! I decided to delete my old blog, blessed faces, due to the fact that I never kept up with it and completely abandoned it. Welcome to Makeup and Meds! It took me THE longest to figure out what I wanted to name this blog. I wanted this to be more than just makeup and tutorials. I wanted it to be a little deeper and more about myself and my thoughts. I want you guys to ride this ride with me. Follow my journey. I mean love makeup dearly but I am also in the process of applying to pharmacy school. That includes taking the PCAT, registering for PharmCAS, filling out countless applications, pre-requisites, recommendation letters, transcripts, etc. <-------yea, alot. This is pretty much what the title makeup and meds mean. I want this blog to be an open journal. I want to share my thoughts on life from my perspective and I'm not holding back on nothing. I'm going to say pretty much what I want to say but don't worry, all of my makeup fanatics, I will include my makeup and tips and try my very, very best to do some tutorials! Hope you all enjoy my blog :)

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