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Friday, August 19, 2011

I Made Ambassador!

Last month at school, I was nominated by my instructor to represent my pharmacy tech program as an ignite ambassador. I currently have a 4.0 gpa. During the last couple of weeks, we've been going through waiting periods and interviewing. I had my 2nd interview this past Wednesday. I wasn't really nervous or anything. Some of the questions did throw me off but I quickly jumped back on them to answer lol. The same day that we had the interview was the day we found out we made it. I was so excited that they chose me and both of my friends because they were only suppose to choose two. Also, I was happy because we all enrolled at the same time and we're all in our 5th mod. Today was the first time that we wore our black scrubs. It felt like we had some power. Like we finally had a voice and now we were being looked up to. However, it also felt like we were being watched more closely. As if all eyes were now on us. So we have to definately act right lol. Now that we are ambassador, we have to represent for the students. We have a responsibility and reputation to uphold. I'm looking forward to the responsibilities. This is the first time I've been apart of an organization and looked at as a leader. I'm ready to let my light shine :)

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