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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Give Me Break

I am in the fourth month of my 8 month pharmacy technician program at Everest. I am over half way done because I only have 3 more modules left before I "mod out", meaning I will be done with the class part of the program. Afterwards, I have to do an externship at a pharmacy. Then it's on to graduation in February. Can't believe I'm graduating again lol.  Anywhoo...I am so ready for a break. We go to school every single day (except the weekends of course). We don't have many breaks. We only have like one day off a month. When I was at ASU, I didn't have to go to class everyday. I've been going to school mostly through the summer so I've haven't done too much going out or enjoying it. I could do stuff on the weekend but I usually have to study or do homework. I really want to take a road trip mainly. I want to go to Miami. I also want to go by the gump (Montgomery) and visit my peeps. I want to use my passport and go on a cruise. I can't tell you the last time its been since I've gone to Six Flags or the movies lol. I have a freakin free movie pass for crying out loud. I think the worst part of being in the allied health field is that I can't get my nails done. I used to love wearing my nails and the summer time is the best time to get them done, cuz of the huge selection of bright colors. We can't wear acrylic or colorful nail polish :-/ I think if they gave us a good week off, I would be straight.

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