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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Since I've Been Gone

It's been a good minute since I've updated my blog. There's been alot going on....alot of good things. I'm still in my transitioning state as I said before. I have 2 more weeks left of my pharmacy tech program. I must say that I've enjoyed this program and all of the people I've met and gained friendships with. I really can't believe it's almost over. Graduation is Jan 24th! :) I'm finally employed now! I started working as a hostess at a restaurant. I was also hired as a makeup artist at Beauty Inc. Salon. Next month, I start externing as a pharmacy tech. I'm already claiming that job as mines. It feels like things are finally coming together. I can be so impatient sometimes but I'm willing to wait on what God has for me because I know it's good things. I'm not really thinking about a man at this moment in life. All I can think about is money, purchasing a new car, getting my own place, and starting my professional career. I think once I get settled in life, then maaaaybe I'll let a man in lol. I like where everything is going so far. The only way I see my future is going up. I know one thing. I wanna stay in the favor of God. He has really been blessing me lately and I'm so thankful.

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