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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is one of my favorite months because we celebrate breast cancer awareness. Its such an important cause to me. At school, we held a breast cancer project for all of the programs. When I tell you it was a competition..IT WAS A COMPETITION!  Other programs were taking the contest to the extreme. We were the underdogs of the competition because we were the most talked about and the most hated. (no really likes pharmacy tech because we're the smartest and know how to do math really good) ***flips hairs*** Anywhoo, it was only 3 days left from the judging and we didn't have ANYTHING planned for our class project. So we all got together and plan this breast cancer experience. We had open mic poetry, a fashion show with breast cancer designed clothes, educational aspects, a pink lemonade bar, a movie viewing, and last a flashmob dance. I mean it was OFF THE CHAIN WHEN IT FINALLY CAME TOGETHER. We had practiced continually until the judging day and we put our heart into our project. The morning of the competition, we had some ppl try to mess with our stuff and talk about us. Later that morning, I gathered my class in a circle and we prayed over the project that NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US SHALL PROSPER. What was the outcome? WE WON THE COMPETITION!!!! I mean come on,  I went to Alabama State University where the theatre department rocks. Here's our formula of success creative minds + motivation of the haters = Winners. Here are the pics!

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